General SQL Parser Java version released (2018-10-22)

  • GSP Java version
    • [Oracle] able to recognize and parser noneditionable trigger
    • [Teradata] support at time zone clause of DATE datatype.
    • [Teradata] support with return only clause in declare cursor statement.
    • [SQL Server] support OBJECT:: in grant statement.
    • [SQL Server] support xmlnamespaces clause used together with CTE.

General SQL Parser dotnet version released (2018-10-22)

  • dotnet version
    • [SQL Server/scriptWriter] support call target expression of function call.
    • [Oracle] able to recognize create or repleace context statement.
    • [DB2] able to link column in call statement to table of create trigger statement.
  • dotnet version
    • [SQL Server] Doesn’t treat [DATE] as a regular column name.
  • dotnet version
    • [API] TTypeName.isCharUnit(), TTypeName.ByteUnit is no longer used, replaced by TTypeName.charUnitToken
    • [Oracle] able to get label name after loop/while statement.
    • [Oracle] support on null clause in default clause.
    • [API] add new property: TColumnDefinition.onNull
  • dotnet version
    • [sql formatter] Able to format subquery or CASE statement inside of CAST function.
  • dotnet version
    • [API] add new property: TColumnDefinition.persistedColumn.
    • [SQL Server] able to get persisted information from column definition.
    • [API] add new property: TColumnDefinition.filestream.
    • [SQL Server] support FILESTREAM keyword in create table.
    • [API] add new property: TColumnDefinition.sparseColumn.
    • [SQL Server] Able to get SPARSE column information from TColumnDefinition.
  • dotnet version
    • [MySQL] Able to get comment/KEY_BLOCK_SIZE/parser name index option in MySQL create index statement.
    • [API] TMySQLIndexOption.indexOptionType
    • [API] add new enum: EIndexOptionType
    • [API] add new property : TCreateIndexSqlStatement.IndexOptionList to access index option of MySQL create index statement.
    • [SQL Server] able to fetch include column list from create index statement.

General SQL Parser Java version changelog 2018-08-01

version history of general sql parser:

  • GSP Java version
    • [API] Add new method TSourceToken TSourceToken.nextSolidToken(boolean treatCommentAsSolidToken)
    • [API] Add new method TSourceToken TSourceToken.prevSolidToken(boolean treatCommentAsSolidToken)

General SQL Parser .NET version changelog 2018-08-01

  • dotnet version
    • [Oracle] fix a bug can’t parse plsql block not ended by a semicolon.
    • [general] avoid System.ArgumentNullException when call isvalidsqlpluscmd().
  • dotnet version
    • [scriptWriter] fix a bug when new TObjectName with object and part source token.
    • [API] add new method: TSourceToken.toScript()
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